WHAT IS THE BEST MASSAGE? ( take the quiz at bottom and win 1/2 price massage! )

_ Quote of the month : ” Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are. ”

My staff and I at Vitalize Therapies hear this question quite often and we always answer the same way.

_ ” The best massage is the one that your body needs ! ”

Your body is like a book, it reflects what was printed from years ago. After years of bodywork on hundreds of different body types of “Silicon Valley citizens” you learn how to read these body messages. It’s interesting to notice that 90% of the time clients won’t feel a muscle restriction they carry for years untill it’s palpated and worked.

The approach will be different from one person to another based on several criterias, whether it’s a baseball player’s thick shoulder muscle, the fine musculature of a ballet dancer or a stressed “techie”. Depending on the nature of the injury, a torn muscle or just a build up of tissue cramping up an area for years, the  healing method will vary in pressure, rythm, intensity of stretches for range of motion.

That being said, we think at Vitalize Therapies that the method of evaluating the soft tissue ( muscles, ligaments,tendons) is primarily more important before using any modality of massage.Bodies will present many different forms of restrictions. After a quick assessment we’ll be able to recognize the level of soft tissue damage and address it accordingly with the appropriate technique whether it’s a dull discomfort in the neck or a chronic pain from a congenital malformation.

In conclusion, at Vitalize Therapies we don’t follow the same pattern for everyone. We believe in reading the body to identify the culprit and treat it with the right massage to achieve the best results for well being.

Alain Duchene, CMT.

_ QUESTION OF THE MONTH   : Persons in the past centuries used that body part for sniffing. What is that body part called ?

First two persons with correct answers will receive 1/2 price massage of their choice.

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