Alain Duchene is a master therapist who provides extraordinary lymphatic system massage for clients like me who have had extensive lipsuction and reconstructive surgery. His treatments accelerated my recovery beyond both my and my surgeon’s expectations, and indeed proved that this therapeutic practice is vital to the expeditious recovery of patients who experience this kind of surgery. I urge anyone who has undergone surgery involving their lymphatic system to avail themselves of the important systemic revitalization VitalizeTherapies provide.

Alain, I hope this testimonial helps, and if you wish to re-word any of it to more accurately describe what I underwent, I welcome you to do so, and add my name as author to it.

Thanks for all you’ve done for me, and best of luck for continued success in your practice,

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“Alain you are excellent! A true clinician, you work specifically on the tissues you found to be out of sorts and apply the optimal technique to improve that tissue, thanks.”

- Lisa G., M.P.T.

“Vitalize Therapies has been able to prevent surgery to my right shoulder with a acromio-clavicular joint separation that happened playing baseball at the SF Giants spring training in Scottsdale, by using soft tissue massage and Lymphatic Drainage Therapy.”

- Bob L.

“After my car accident I was plagued with neck, shoulder, arm, back, facial, hand and knee injuries. You’ve enabled me to be fully functional again! Your healing hands are a God send, thank you.”

- Christine S.

“As a triathlete, jazz dancer and a medical editor for 25 years, I’ve experienced over 100 different massage therapists’ work from Maine to California, and Vitalize Therapies is the best.”

- Rebecca T.

“They don’t come any better than Vitalize Therapies. Trust me a physician can tell!”

- Dr. Austin, M.D.

“Thank you for the excellent care you give to our patients through Lymph Drainage Therapy. Profound effects achieved in short periods of time by our surgical patients creates the opportunity for a hastened recovery.”

- Dr. Struck, Plastic Surgeon

“My spinal curvature has been a problem since my teen years.Although my underlying condition cannot be reversed, Vitalize Therapies has significantly reduced the pain I deal with daily.”

- J.V.

“It felt like I was wearing a six-inch weighted belt across my lower back…After my first visit it felt like the belt was still there, but the weight was gone. At age 70 it’s wonderful!”

- Geraldine B.

“After my sessions the swelling in my face decreased, the Lymph drainage provided so much relief, a wonderful therapeutic treat!”

- Anne L.

“I have sent several complicated upper extremities patients to Vitalize Therapies for soft tissue mobilization and have had positive results and improvement in a significant percentage.”

- Terri P., P.A., M.P.T.

“Vitalize Therapies has helped me recover from various ailments and injuries, sports and medical.”

- Ruth Q.
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